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Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to:

    • make a neighbourhood development plan
    • make a neighbourhood development order
    • make a Community Right to Build order

Neighbourhood planning was introduced through the Localism Act 2011.Neighbourhood planning legislation came into effect in April 2012.

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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans are a relatively new planning innovation but their purpose is simple. They are designed to give members of a local community a genuine say in the development of their area.
Pavenham Parish Council has recently registered its intention with the Borough Council to prepare its own Neighbourhood Plan and has set up a working group consisting of parish councillors and interested residents. 
Over the next two years, the group will develop the Neighbourhood Plan in consultation with all residents. When it’s complete, the Plan will be independently examined and put to a referendum of Pavenham residents for approval.
Once the Neighbourhood Plan is adopted, any planning applications for new development in the village, or decisions about the local environment made by the Borough Council in Bedford, will have to be assessed against policies in our Neighbourhood Plan.

Why Do We Need a Plan?

The Plan will be used to help the people of Pavenham to determine the future of the village. 

It will give the local community the opportunity to:
    • Have more influence over where new homes are built;  
    • Have a say on what new buildings should look like; 
    • Prevent ad-hoc building that may spoil the character of the village; 
    • Protect and enhance the local environment. 
If we don’t produce a Neighbourhood Plan we will have little say in the kind of development that takes place in Pavenham.

What Goes in the Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan will give residents of Pavenham the chance to think about and present their priorities for the future. What should we improve or change? What needs protecting? What would make Pavenham a better place to live in?
The plan will cover topics such as:
    •  Housing – future housing needs, suitable sites, etc.
    •  Infrastructure – utilities, drainage, broadband, etc.
    •  Getting Around – roads, speeding, bus routes, cycle ways, footpaths, etc.
    •  Community facilities – village hall, clubs, amenities for children and young people, shopping, pub, etc.
    •  Working in Pavenham – issues for local employers, those working from home, self employed, etc.
    •  Heritage & environment – agriculture, green spaces, wildlife, listed buildings, conservation, etc.

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