The Borough Council has issued a reminder that orange recycling bags are provided to residents to provide occasional extra recycling capacity. Recycling should always be placed into the orange lidded bin loose (not in sacks). Orange sacks should only be used for occassional extra recycling once the recycling bin is full. It is harder and more costly for the Borough Council to recycle items placed in sacks and the current usage of orange sacks is not financially sustainable.

Residents with regular excess recycling may be eligible for a larger bin - see 

18:38, 05 Aug 2019 by Peter Sharpe

Please note that the dates for the rural bulky waste collection during 2019 will be as follows:

Saturday 6th April - 3.00pm to 5.00pm - Close Road until 4.00pm then The Bury

Sunday 7th April - 1.00pm to 3.00pm - West End until 2.00pm then Weavers Lane

There will only be one collection weekend in 2019. The second collection which usually took place in the early autumn was discontinued in 2012 because of Borough Council budget cutbacks

Please do not take acids, asbestos, batteries, fluorescent lamps, gas cylinders, oil, creosote, toner cartridges, tyres, or fridges & freezers to the collection lorries. For guidance on how to correctly dispose of these items please contact the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506. The "Tidy Tip" in Barkers Lane will accept oil, tyres, and batteries (but not commercial waste) - contact bedford 718013. For disposal of fridges and freezers please call the Borough Council Environmental Services Helpline on 01234 718060.

Please do not leave waste at the collection sites if the lorries are not present as that will be regarded as fly tipping and could attract a substantial fine 


15:04, 25 Feb 2019 by Peter Sharpe


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