Notice of daytime closure of road (Church Lane) between Oakley and Bromham/Stevington - 3rd April to 9th April

The Borough Council has given notice that Church Lane (including Oakley bridge) betwen Lovell Road, Oakley and the junctiuon with the Bromham/Stevington road will be closed during the daytime (i.e. from 9.00am to 3.30 pm) between Tuesday 3rd April and Monday 9th April - excluding Sunday 8th April. These dates are subject to change so please look out for warning notices nearer the time. 

Bedford Borough Council Local Plan to 2035 - Consultation period extended to 29th March - Parish Council Meeting scheduled for March 1st cancelled

The Consultation Period on the Borough Council's draft Local Plan to 2035 has been extended from March 5th to March 29th. This is because a new supporting document assessing the viability of the sites of the proposed four new towns (Sharnbrook, Thurleigh, Twinwoods, and Wyboston) has been submitted to the Borough Council and needs to be part of the consultation. The Government has also delayed the introduction of its new guideleines on the method to be used for calculating housing needs from the end of March to late summer. The Borough Council is therefore under less pressure to rush through the submission of its draft Plan for Examination. The current draft Plan which is out for circulation is based upon an extra 19,000 new homes which is the number calculted using the existing Government guidelines whereas using the proposed new Government guidelines would increase that number 26,000.

The issues raised during the consultation will now be considered by the Borough Council's Executive and Full Council at meetings to be arranged for sometime in May rather than at the end of March. Details of the Borough Council's Local Plan and all supporting documents can found on

As a result of the extension to the consultation period, the extra Parish Council meeting scheduled for March 1st at which the Parish Council's comments on the draft Local Plan were to considered and agreed has been cancelled. Those comments will now be considered and agreed at the normal two-monthly Parish Council Meeting on Thursday March 22nd.


Chairman of the Parish Council

Jim Russell was elected chairman of the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 25th May 2017. Brian Greenwood was elected Vice-Chairman.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council's application to the Borough Council to have the parish designated as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish over the coming months has been approved. A copy of the public notice relating to the application can be found in our "Official Files" section in the navigation panel to the left.