Bedford Borough Council Local Plan to 2035 - 3rd January 2018

The agenda papers for the meeting of the Borough Council Executive on 10th January when the BC's Draft Local Plan 2035, including the site of the proposed new settlement will be considered, have been published on the BC website.

The proposed site for the new settlement is the Unilever/Santa Pod site at Colworth House with a new parkway station nearby and road access direct onto the A6 with no access through Sharnbrook village. The proposed housing allocation for Sharnbrook village has been reduced from 600 houses to zero but 500 new homes are still proposed for each of Clapham, Bromham, and Great Barford with 25/50 in the Group 2 villages including Carlton, Milton Ernest, Oakley & Turvey. No housing allocation is proposed in the Draft Plan for the Group 3 and 4 villages which include Pavenham.

If approved by the Executive the Draft Plan will go to the meeting of the Full Borough Council a week later on 17th January. If approved at that meeting the Draft will go out for a six-week general consultation running from late January to the first week in March, with the intention of being submitted for Examination by an Inspector by the end of March.

There will be a parish meeting in Pavenham Village Hall on Wednesday 7th February at 8.00pm to discuss the Borough Council's proposals and to obtain the views of parishioners to enable the Parish Council to be able to submit comments to the Borough Council on its proposals. 

Details of the Borough Council's proposals can be found on its website ( - go to Council & Democracy in the left panel, then click on agendas, reports & minutes under Meetings, then click on Executive in list of committees, then on 10th January meeting 


Chairman of the Parish Council

Jim Russell was elected chairman of the Parish Council at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on 25th May 2017. Brian Greenwood was elected Vice-Chairman.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council's application to the Borough Council to have the parish designated as a Neighbourhood Area for the purposes of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the parish over the coming months has been approved. A copy of the public notice relating to the application can be found in our "Official Files" section in the navigation panel to the left.